Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scottsdale Trip

Jacob had a faculty club meeting for his continuing education and we all decided to go with him. It was held at a resort, and we pretty much stayed there except for when we went to Legoland Discovery Center and Scottsdale Quarter.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 264

On Monday morning we go to Classical Conversations. On Wednesday mornings we go to a farm for horse riding lessons. On Thursday morning we go to piano lessons. Tuesday and Friday morning we get to stay at home. School for Hannah takes most of her day. Ella's takes most of the day. Sophia's takes 3-4 hrs usually. Most of our homeschooling is done when Elias is napping, distractions are decreased, and mom is more available. There are some things the girls work on independently.  So these happen in those mornings (along with music practice and chores). I make sure to play with the little kids during this time. Right now that means we go outside and get out of the big girls hair!  Elias likes to do his chore of watering the trees in the pots. When he does this, he soaks himself! He usually covers himself in sand at some point also...needless to say i have to change him for the second time...and it's not even lunch yet!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 263

On Friday night we drove an hour away to a drive-in movie theater. They were showing a double feature of "The Big Friendly Giant" and "Secret Life of Pets".  The girls had big plans of air mattresses, pillows, and blankets in the back of Jacob's we took 2 vehicles...because that would be fun! We popped a couple batches of popcorn and packed the movie boxes of candy.  It was a late night, but so fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 9

We decided to spend the last full day of our trip relaxing at a resort in Phoenix (thanks to my sisters brilliant suggestion)! Our resort had multiple pools, a water slide, and a lazy river. We spent the full day there! 71/2 hours!!!!  We went to bed early because our flight was leaving for home at 7:15 the next day!

Day 8

The Grand Canyon was the location for the day. Jacob and the 3 older girls went on a 4-Hr. Creation Tour. Their tour guide stopped at viewpoints along the way and pointed out evidence of an intelligent creator and of the flood. Jacob said it was his favorite part of the trip. The little kids and I met up with them to checkout the view and eat at one of the lodges in Grand Canyon Village.  By late afternoon we got on the road and headed south to Phoenix.

Vacation Day 7- Afternoon/Evening

We stopped in Page for some yummy BBQ, and then headed south out of town. On the edge of town is the famous "horseshoe" bend that the Colorado River takes.  After a quick stop there we headed to Tusayan, AZ which is the nearest town to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Vacation Day 7- Morning

The next morning we drove west towards Page, AZ. Our destination was Antelope Canyon. It is a "Slot Canyon". Narrow. Gorgeous. You may have seen pictures of it before. It was a bit of a climb down into the canyon using stairs and ladders. We had mentioned to our guide that it was Hannah's birthday. Once we were in the canyon, she had us (and about 50-100 others) sing to her! What a memory! People from all over the world singing in that stunning place!  One of the pictures I have shows where we exit the canyon and what it looks like at ground level. You wouldn't even know it was there!