Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Elias' Birthday

The little man is 2!  We of course had to have chocolate cake....and candy....and a "diggie"....and Rubble the dog driving it.  His gift was to turn one of our garden beds into a sandbox so he can drive his diggies around!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hannah's Art

Hannah's most recent drawing. She was inspired to do something "secret agenty". She really enjoys animation and has done a couple short scenes.  She is taking a couple different animation classes this summer.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ella's Dance Recital

Ella had a dance recital Saturday evening for the dance classes she takes.  She does ballet, tap, and jazz.  She is a beautiful ballerina...strong, long and lean, flexible, and spot on technique.  Her ballet class danced to "Britta Polka".

Her tap and jazz routines had a "Schools Out" theme.  She would say her favorite is jazz.  She did great on these routines too!

Frozen Dance Recital

Ella and Sophia had their dance recital this past Saturday. It was a year of hard work and growth for the girls.  They got to show off all this on Saturday!  Ella was asked this year to be a "demonstrator" for a class of little girls.  A very big honor for Ella.  She had to attend this class every Saturday morning to learn the routine and help the littler girls and attend a character practice every Friday evening for all the cast members of the show.  She also had to clock in and out each time...a very good experience for her!
The recital for the little dancers is always a production of a popular movie.  This year it was Frozen.  There are characters that act out the main story and the dancers come in throughout.  Ella's group were reindeer and danced to "Reindeer Are Better Then People"

This was probably Sophia's last year to be in the little kids recital.  She had a tap routine and a ballet routine.  They were summer sunshine and danced to the songs "In Summer" and "The Great Thaw".  It was a wonderful show!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mammoth Cave, KY

We officially have 3 Mammoth Cave Junior Rangers in The Overman Family now!  Bring on more National Parks...we're ready!